Why Satan?

In the bible, Satan's only actions are to draw people away from god. He kills a mere 10 people, at god's behest, whereas god kills so many more. Satan convinces Eve to eat the fruit in Genesis, He tempts Jesus. That's about it.

I would delight in seeing every single christian in the world wake up one day and realize that their religion is a cesspool of emotionally abusive rhetoric, and start thinking clearly. You can bet that there isn't much I would not do to cause this, or aid in this. So Satan's actions in the bible are very admirable.

Also, Satan was the first one to realize that god is not worthy of worship, and the first one to leave.

Lastly, absolutely none of what is written in the bible is factual, and there is no god. It makes christians uncomfortable to see someone embrace Satan, so that is even better.

So I think the better question would be in response to that question: Why not Satan?

I have a confession to make. I have been masquerading (not very publicly) as a Satanist for a while, but my father-in-law pointed something out to me this weekend. I was baptized at one point in my life, and so I am a brother in Christ. I want to apologize to all the folks I've duped. Hell, ... I mean, Heck, I was even duping myself.

Luke 12:10 points out, anyone who blashpemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. I have done a _lot_ of blashpeming against the Holy Spirit, and I thought that that was enough to cut ties. But I was wrong; I am still a brother in Christ. So now it is time to face the truth. Now it is time to take up my mantle of "Brother in Christ", and start living that Christian life.

The first step, obviously, is to read parts of the bible, and decide which ones I want to adhere to strictly, and which ones I want to disregard. I think it is possible to still have compassion for people, even following this path. I just have to pick the parts that say to love my enemy, and not throw the first stone (as I am not without sin). Sure, I could be one of those who lives an immoral life and fixates on homosexuality above all else, but I am comfortable with my bi-curious status, and so I don't think that's the way I'll go. Now, give me some time to properly shame myself about wanting same-sex sexual relations, and I might swing on over to the hateful side. But for now, I'm gonna start off as the lovey-dovey kind.

I would say that it's been nice being a Satanist, but apparently, I never have been. I would apologize to Satanists everywhere about my deceit, but as a "Brother in Christ", I have to now delight in shunning people, and making sure that I don't acknowledge their life experiences and who they say they are.

Hail Christ. Hail not-Thyself.

Hail Satan!!